Bulletin 36 November 1988: ENHG Committee Abu Dhabi
ENHG Committee Abu Dhabi

ENHG Committee Abu Dhabi

Ted Garside
Joanna Fowler
Caroline Fuggle
Membership Secretary
Bronwyn Bevan
Roy Campbell
Bulletin Editor
Rob Western
General Members
Jelena Morra
Peter Hellyer
Philippe Lamboley

The Emirates Natural History Group was founded in 1976. Annual subscription is Dh.30 for single or Dh.50 for family membership. Membership forms are available at Monday meetings in the Cultural Centre or on application to the Treasurer (Home Tel.726693).

The Bulletin is issued three times a year in March, July and November. The Editor is always pleased to receive material for publication that is relevant to the natural history of the UAE and general Gulf area. Occasionally articles from the wider Middle East context may be included. The object of the Bulletin is to create and maintain a permanent collection of recordings and local information on natural history. Views and opinions expressed are those of the authors alone.

The cover motif is of a tiny gold bull excavated from the early second millenium grave at Qattarah, a suburb of Al Ain. The original is on display in Al Ain Museum.

The Bulletin is for private circulation to members only.

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