Bulletin No. 20 July 1983
Bulletin No. 20 July 1983

Bulletin No. 20

July 1983




ENHG Committee Abu Dhabi -- 00
Editorial -- 01
Observations of the Graceful Warbler, Kentish Plover and Sander's Little Tern in Abu Dhabi M. Crumbie 02
Obervations of the Red Fox in the Al Ain Area C.W. Furley 10
Archaeology in the UAE in the Fourth and Third Millenia B.C. Dr. W.Y. Al Tekriti 13
Vegetation of Offshore Islands in the Gulf R.A. Western 16
Fishes of the UAE R.W. Brown 24
New Procedure for Marine Fish Observations/Recordings R.W. Brown 26
ENHG Marine Section: List of Bulletin Articles on Fish, Coral and Miscellaneous -- 32
A Short History of Middle Eastern Maps (Arabic) Rev. R. Lindley endpages

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